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Lab Environment

The lab is a collaborative effort and while each individual has a unique project they lead, there is overlap between the projects and input from everyone on all projects is encouraged. The projects are highly interdisciplinary and the fact that no individual is an expert in all areas is the strength of the lab. I seek people who are willing to learn and participate in topic areas outside of their expertise and people who are team players, willing to provide their expertise and insights into projects that are not their own. We have weekly lab meetings where all projects are discussed and questions, comments, and ideas are strongly encouraged. One on one meetings with the PI occur regularly, approximately weekly.

Interested in Joining?

Postdoctoral Fellows can apply any time. I am interested in motivated and team-oriented individuals. We have current positions available and I am willing to work with postdocs interested in applying for fellowships. When deciding to apply, please see this website for good advice.

Graduate students interested in rotating in the lab can contact me directly. Please feel free to contact me at any time during the application process to find out more about our lab. Information regarding enrolling in the Biochemistry Department can be found here.

Undergraduate students looking for research experience, please email me with prior experience, relevant coursework, how much time you plan to spend in the lab, and what interests you about our area of research.

Fellowship opportunities: If you are interested in applying for a fellowship in an area we work in, please contact me directly cjdohert /[at]/ to discuss your ideas.